Terms of Use

1. Employer Registration

Employers have the option to post teaching positions on our website. Employers must submit the employer registration form before being able to post teaching positions. The username and password to login the employers login area (upon approval) will be send to the employer by email.

2. Teaching Job Offers And Other Information

All employment offers on our website have been posted directly by employers and without any further changes or modifications from TESOL Teachers. TESOL Teachers is not responsible for any information provided or indicated in job descriptions. As a virtual job market portal, TESOL Teachers provides a platform to benefit employers and teachers alike.

3. Premium Password

Teachers have the option to purchase a Premium-Password in order to send unlimited applications to employers (without daily sending limits). The purchase includes the Teaching Abroad Guide e-Book for ESL Teachers. The Premium-Password (and Teaching English Abroad e-Book) can be bought for a one-time payment. This is not a membership of any kind.

4. Refund Policy

A refund of the purchase is in principle not possible as it includes and concerns a PDF product delivered by e-mail, which can not be truly returned (a copy would be retained on the electronic computer).

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