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Teach English in Jamaica: Despite its location almost smack in the center of the Caribbean Sea, the island of Jamaica doesn’t blend in easily with the rest of the Caribbean archipelago. To be sure, it boasts the same addictive sun rays, sugary sands and pampered resort-life as most of the other islands, but it is also set apart historically and culturally.

Average Salary for English Teachers: 600-1500 USD

Up-to-Date Teaching Job offers in Jamaica

Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Jamaica is one of the most beautiful caribbean islands and is definitely a ht sport for most vacationers because of the friendly locals and easy way of living. The Harding Language Center is located in Montego Bay on the North Coast and here we have three teaching positions available with a start date in mid November, 100,000 JMD/Month, Click Here to apply for this opening

Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Another opening in Montago bay in a school which has been associated with us for a long time and have never had any negatove comments from Teachers we have placed there in the past. The salary is a little less but keep in mind that living in Jamaica can be incredibly cheap and still exciting, 85,000 JMD/Month, Click Here to apply for this opening

Location: Kingston, Jamaica
Teach young adults in Kingston! This opening just came in the other week and after having reviewed all the terms and conditions and spoken with the Director several times we can recommend this language school at anytime. We have received pictures of the furnished accommodation they provide as well and both school and accommodation look very clean and taken care of, 125,000 JMD/Month, Click Here to apply for this opening

Location: kingston, Jamaica
Only 20 teaching hours per week in this elementary level school in Kingston. Located in the center of the city and just a short walk away from the furnished accommodation they provide. Native speakers are preferred for this opening, 95,000 JMD/Month, Click Here to apply for this opening

Location: Ocho Rios, Jamaica
New opening in Ocho Rios on the North Coast of Jamaica. They have only been associated with us for short time but proven to be very reliable and friendly. They offer a competitive local salary and provide the teacher with clean furnished accommodation within walking distance from this school. The class size is only 5-10 Students per class to make the learning experience more efficient, 120,000 JMD/Month, Click Here to apply for this opening

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